Nepal Hills Tea's Commitments 

As a brand which was started with the motive of spreading the "Love of Nepali tea" around the globe, we are committed to the below and more:


"Nepal Hills Tea" is founded with a motive to support, small tea farm holders and small scale youth tea artisans. Our mission is to support these hard working souls, by doing the following:

  • Paying the best value for their products
  • Showcasing their products all around the globe
  • Supporting them in their journey towards organic certification
  • Building a strong business network so that they can sell more products
  • Providing them training on improving operational practices
  • Providing them opportunity to learn crafts of making new teas
  • Helping them to elevate their socio-economic status with different support programs


We will be transparent with our partners and customers regarding our product sourcing, social missions and any other agenda's that might impact them.


While "Fair Trade and Sustainability" has become a buzz word for many companies, not all of them practice this mantra.

As a company that is tied to the roots, we will fail if we don't treat our supplier partners with utmost respect. We are thoroughly committed to monitor the business process of our artisans to ensure the farmers and laborer's are being paid fairly. We are committed to ensure that the products that we source are produced sustainably so that the next generation can also reap the benefits. 

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