Bhaskar Dahal, Founder

Bhaskar Dahal - Founder and C.E.O

Bhaskar Dahal, the driving force behind Nepal Hills Tea, is a second-generation tea entrepreneur with a rich background in Supply Chain. As a proud Canadian citizen deeply rooted in the landscapes of Nepal, Bhaskar's tea journey began in 2016 when he moved to Canada, seeking the comforting flavors of his Nepalese village.

Frustrated by the lack of authentic artisan garden Nepali teas in Canada, Bhaskar's turning point came during a 2017 trip to Nepal. Inspired by the overwhelming response when sharing local teas with friends and colleagues, he resurrected a dream from 2010 – to start his own tea business.

Despite facing challenges and navigating through the uncertainties of 2020, Nepal Hills Tea emerged as a beacon of hope in March 2021. Bhaskar's commitment to quality is evident in the expansion of the tea range, featuring seven exquisite varieties carefully curated from Nepalese artisans.

For Bhaskar, Nepal Hills Tea is a mission beyond commerce. It's a way of bringing a piece of Nepal to Canada, supporting sustainable practices, and uplifting the communities involved in crafting these beautiful teas. Bhaskar invites you to join him in this heartfelt journey, where each cup is a celebration of Nepal's spirit and a contribution to a cause close to his heart.

 Bibhu Gautam

Bibhu Gautam- C.F.O

Bibhu is an Environmentalist with Nepali roots. Since the beginning of the kickoff of this company, Bibhu has been pivotal to set this business up. She has passion for environment protection, women empowerment and has a passion for creative design and also loves "Green tea". She joins the company as a C.F.O so that we can align the financial aspects of the company while the company grows. She will also be overseeing creative development process and supporting on new customer onboarding program.  

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