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Welcome to Nepal Hills Tea, your premier source for wholesale Nepali tea. We are proud to offer a range of loose leaf teas sourced directly from Nepal  lush tea gardens, a country renowned for its premium teas. Please note that we don't offer tea bags.  

Why Choose Nepal Hills Tea?

Our teas are not just beverages, they’re an experience. We offer a variety of Nepali loose leaf teas from Nepal, including black tea, green tea , white tea, and oolong, each with their unique flavors and aromas. Our loose leaf teas are carefully curated and shipped directly from the small tea gardens nestled in the eastern hills of Nepal, ensuring the utmost care and quality in every cup. These teas are grown in high altitude by farmers in eastern Nepal who practice organic farming and our products have similar quality as darjeeling tea. The tea leaves are handpicked and produced in small batches. Many of our products are specialty teas with distinctive flavors which is certain to wow seasoned tea drinkers. We firmly believe that in order to support the tea farmers and their families, we should first support the artisans producing these speciality teas. The artisans will the be able to pay the farmers in a meaningful way. We also believe in providing great teas at the best prices to our customers.  We're committed to bringing you quality teas from Nepal.    

The mission to showcase Nepal Teas

Our mission is to support small farm holders and youth artisans working in the tea industry in Nepal. We work closely with nepalese artisans and farmers from Illam, Nepal. This direct sourcing allows us to provide our customers with premium loose leaf teas from the himalayas at unbeaten  prices.

Elevate Your Tea Experience

Our mission is to elevate your tea experience. We believe in the richness of flavor and aroma that comes from teas grown in the unique terroir of the Himalayan region. Whether you’re a tea lover or a tea business, our Nepal Hills tea's wholesale offerings are sure to impress.

Organic and Sustainable

We are committed to promoting organic teas and sustainable farming practices. Our teas are organically grown by Nepali farmers who take pride in producing teas that are as good for the earth as they are for you.

Taste the Difference

Experience the taste of Nepal with every brew. From the floral notes of our white tea to the robust flavor of our black tea, our teas offer a taste experience like no other. So why wait? Discover the exquisite teas of Nepal Hills Tea today!

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