"At Nepal Hills Tea, we offer a premium and consistent specialty tea experience with our fixed price guarantee of $20 per 100 grams until December 2025. As a valued customer, you will enjoy our exclusive loyalty rewards program, earning more discounts as you purchase more. Savor the unmatched purity of our single-origin teas, and take pride in supporting sustainable farming and eco-friendly packaging. Experience the artisanal craftsmanship and cultural richness that make every sip of our tea truly special."

The following are the rewards that you will enjoy as our customer:

Fixed Price Guarantee:

"Consistent Value: Enjoy our premium Nepalese tea at a guaranteed price of $20 per 100 grams (100 gram packages) until the end of 2025. No surprises, just exceptional quality."

Reward Program:

"Periodically we will gift something to you for free as you buy our products. Subscribe to learn when such offers are available".


With every order, get 1 cute textile handbag made by "Orange Butterfly- Women Empowerment Group" from Nepal. Gift this to someone who loves Loose Leaf Teas and supports small farmers, and artisans!




Currently available discounts are below:

  • Subscribe : Get 15% off on your first Order
  • Purchase Worth $38 : Get extra 10% off [ Halted for another ongoing Promotion]
  • Purchase Worth $57: Get extra 15% off [ Halted for another ongoing Promotion]
  • Purchase Worth $76: Get Extra 20% off [ Halted for another ongoing Promotion]
  • Purchases above $50 Ship for Free

 Pure Tea Experience:

Single-Origin Purity: Indulge in the true essence of Nepal with our single-origin teas, meticulously sourced from the finest tea gardens for an authentic and unblended taste. Just good teas!



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