Himalayan Green Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

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Himalayan Green Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

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Sustainably Produced; Ethically sourced

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Discover the Serenity of the Himalayas in Every Sip

Embrace the Essence of the Himalayas with Our Exclusive Himalayan Green Loose Leaf Tea Sampler. In this carefully curated sampler, you'll discover the exquisite blend of nature and tradition. Each leaf, handpicked from the lush slopes of the Himalayas, carries the story of its origin. The Himalayan Green Tea, with its vibrant green leaves and rich, earthy aroma, offers a symphony of flavors that reflect the serene beauty of its high-altitude home. This sampler is your invitation to a tranquil tea experience, where each sip transports you to the heart of the Himalayan wilderness, steeped in purity and tradition. Join us on this journey of sensory delight and savor the genuine taste of the Himalayas.

Steeping Time: 3 minutes, water at 90°C
Suggested Use: 2 grams for a cup of tea (250 ml)
Usage/Cost: Our 15-gram pack brews approximately 6-7 cups of tea, costing just $0.37 CAD per cup. 

Himalayan Green Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Pack - Product Details

Production: Second Flush, 2022
Producer: Norling Specialty Tea
Production Type: Artisanal/Small Batch
Cultivar: Gumti, Takda 78
Elevation: 5135 FT
Type: Green Tea - Green Loose Leaf Tea
Appearance: Crumpled and rolled leaves, buds
Tea Leaves Color: Greenish
Taste: Grassy and Earthy

Key features of Himalayan Loose Leaf Green Tea Sampler

  • Unique Flavor Profile: A blend of bold, brisk flavors with a subtly sweet aftertaste.
  • Authentic Origin: Harvested on the Nepali slopes, embodying the essence of the Himalayas.
  • Organic and Natural: 100% natural ingredients for a pure tea experience.
  • Cost-Effective Luxury: Enjoy high-quality tea at an affordable price.
  • Sampler Size: Perfect for trying the exquisite Himalayan Green Tea without a larger commitment.

Brewing guide for Himalayan Green Loose Leaf Tea

  1. Pour 8 fl. oz. of water.
  2. Add 2 grams of tea.
  3. Heat water to 85°C.
  4. Steep for 3 minutes.

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