Himalayan White Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

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Himalayan White Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

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Sustainably Produced; Ethically sourced

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Elevate Your Tea Experience with Himalayan White Loose Leaf Tea.

Himalayan White Loose Leaf Tea tea is meticulously hand-picked at dawn to preserve its delicate nature, capturing the very spirit of the Himalayas. The leaves are slightly withered under the Himalayan sun, and carefully dried to lock in their natural freshness, floral notes, and a sweet, velvety texture. Harvested in the Second Flush of 2022 and produced in small batches by Norling Speciality Tea, each crumpled bud is low in caffeine and high in antioxidants- an ideal choice for the health conscious ones.

Himalayan White Loose Leaf Tea tea offers an unparalleled sensory experience. And upon pouring, you'll notice that the clear, light infusion, mirrors the pure snowy peaks where it is harvested. But the beautiful dance of ripe fruits and wildflowers on your palate is what makes this tea truly shine. The pleasant, lasting aftertaste is almost addicting. And with the prestigious Excelsior grade, this tea embodies the unmatched quality that sets it apart. Unlike black tea and green tea , white tea has minimum caffeine content because it does not go through a process to oxidize tea. 

Steeping Time: 4 minutes, water at 90°C
Suggested Use: 2 grams for a cup of tea (250 ml)
Usage/Cost: Our 15-gram pack brews approximately 6-7 cups of tea, costing just $0.37 CAD per cup. 

Himalayan White Loose Leaf Tea Sampler - Product Details

Producer: Norling Specialty Tea
Production Type: Artisanal/Small Batch
Cultivar: Gumti, Takda 78
Elevation: 5135 FT
Type: White Loose Leaf
Appearance: Crumpled buds
Tea Leaves Color: Light Green
Taste: Floral and sweet grassy

Key Features of Himalayan Loose Leaf White Tea Sampler Pack

  • Unique Flavor: A blend of sweet and light flavors, fresh and direct from nature.
  • Organic & 100% Natural: Pure, untainted ingredients, with no additives.
  • Value: 15 grams for just $2.75 CAD, offering health and taste at an affordable price.

Brewing guide for Himalayan White Loose Leaf Tea

  1. Pour 8 fl. oz. of water.
  2. Add 2 grams of tea.
  3. Heat water to 80°C.
  4. Steep for 3.5 minutes.

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