Affordable Teas

Learn about how market scenario about Tea trade is changing and how we are changing it in North America.
Man from Nepal drinking Black Tea

Quest for Affordable Tea

Due to difficult economy, we are always looking for good deals. Whether we are students or a working professional or even a retiree, everyone deserves to drink good teas. But, if you start shopping around, you will notice that lots and lots of vendors are selling overpriced teas. Something we cannot afford to drink daily. Lets venture into why:

Why Are Good Teas Expensive?

Depending upon the grade, quality, cultivar, origin, production volume etc., some teas are expensive than others. Also, many tea sellers spend huge amount of money in marketing and ads. This expense is directly reflected on the cost that the customer pays. If you see the key person of a tea company flying around the globe multiple times a year, you can right away tell that their products are expensive. At least 25% of the price that you pay for their teas are due to their marketing costs. 

Secondly it is the reselling that increases the cost. If a certain vendor does not buy directly from the source but only does reselling, then they add profit margin which will reflect on the cost of your tea.

So, basically what I am trying to convey is: The price of the tea necessarily does not dictate if it is a good tea or not. It's the supply chain and operational style.

What’s a Good Price for a Good Grade Loose Leaf Tea?

While we cannot vouch for what other tea sellers have to say, a good cup of tea that you can enjoy everyday should not cost more than 25 cents a cup. And yes, you can find such teas. You can check out our collections as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the motive of Nepal Hills Tea Inc.? A: Nepal Hills Tea Inc.'s motive is to become the most affordable vendor for Nepali Teas in North America.

Q: How does Nepal Hills Tea ensure affordability? A: Nepal Hills Tea sources their products directly from farmers, eliminating the middleman. This approach decreases the cost of the final product for the customer. We also have a wholesale program where buyers can buy teas directly from the factory at a lower cost.

Q: What is the quality of Nepal Hills Tea’s products? A: Nepal Hills Tea is dedicated to importing and supplying the highest grade of black and green, white teas. We source our teas from the rolling hills of the Illam District in the Eastern Hills of Nepal, where the conditions for cultivating tea are perfect.

Q: How does Nepal Hills Tea support farmers? A: For Nepal Hills Tea, it’s not just about profit but a responsibility towards the farmers. We pay the farmers a fair price and invest in their growth through comprehensive training in food safety and manufacturing operations.

Authored By:

Bhaskar Dahal

2nd Generation Tea Entrepreneur

Founder and C.E.O, Nepal Hills Tea Inc.